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Perspective + Business

Why Amazon is not your biggest problem

May 17, 2018

The competitive world of retail has forged some of the greatest minds in business – warriors of commerce and hardnosed skeptics who can spot a ruse a mile away. Interestingly though, no one seems to have spotted a potentially mortal wound that has lingered unnoticed in many retail organisations for more than a decade.

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Press Release

The evolution of retail 2.0 in Australia

February 27, 2018

Consumers increasingly switch between both online, physical and even virtual platforms during their shopping journey. Retailers now have no option but to move to Retail 2.0 – fast.

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Perspective + Digital

It’s time for to rebrand

October 27, 2017

I just got back from the US, having visited in Los Angeles and let me tell you: don’t be fooled by deceptive distinctions between different forms of commerce.  It’s all one experience in the eyes of the shopper. Let me explain.

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Strategy + Technology

Make more money, just not this week

October 6, 2017

Australian retailers will have roughly $1 billion dollars a day on the table over the 2017 Christmas season. With so much money at stake, Online Retailer asked me to provide insights into how retailers can leverage technology to maximise their sales during this critical trading period.

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Strategy + Efficiency

Navigating the new world of retail

August 23, 2017

From understanding the new connected customer to facing the fact that Australia has long copied other retailers around the world, here is what businesses need to know in order to navigate the future of retail.

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Strategy + Technology

Unleash your retail superpowers

June 29, 2017

Big Data is yet another trendy term bandied about the tech world, but does it really hold the key to profound retail success? The volume and depth of data collected by many retailers certainly continues to expand at an unprecedented rate.

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Strategy + Digital

Containing the Amazon offensive

May 31, 2017

“What does not kill me makes me stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, 1888. This quote may be more than 100-years old, but it holds a potent promise for Australian retailers who are prepared to embrace the new economy, take decisive action to defend their turf, and succeed in the ever-shifting commercial landscape.

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Strategy + Digital

It’s all about me, anytime and anywhere

May 17, 2017

Consumer-centricity is quickly becoming the prevailing theme within the retail industry. In a recent letter to Amazon shareholders, CEO Jeff Bezos mentions the word “customer” 19 times. And, despite posting a net income of US$2.37 billion last year, the letter mentions the word profit a grand total of none.

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Strategy + Digital

Sales down, new age retail up

April 10, 2017

It’s no secret that many Australian retailers are under pressure. In recent years, more than 20 have cracked with a few subsequently disappearing. Poignantly, Australian retail sales fell again in February, the second decline within a three month period.

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Strategy + Digital

Five insights from NRF & RLF

March 16, 2017

The current rate of technological change is unprecedented in all known history. The power of this tidal wave is reshaping practically everything, retail included. Challenged on the new digital frontier, the industry is desperately trying to figure out what the future of retail will look like.

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